Saturday, March 12, 2011

Transworld 2011 Videos.

Wow! Two posts in one day in a matter of hours that's nuts!!

Well I had to post this because two days ago I did a quick radio show called Fright Radio and I spoke about this season Halloween Conventions that just started with Transworld which is going on right now!

Already I have seen some videos posted on Youtube and I wanted to point out Mr Skeleton Demos who I think does a great job with his videos. Not only does he take videos of every vendor and what they are offering this year but he gets some good interviews with those vendors and has them explain what they have so I think it is very insightful.

Check out his videos at the link below, I am sure there will be more updates and videos as the weekend moves on.



Anonymous said...

Great videos. Go check out my site if you have time.

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