Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Grave Grabbing Time!

Hey Frightners!!

Well tomorrow I am headed to the NJ/PA Make and Take. We are working on a one armed grave grabber prop that uses a deer motor to move the arm and head of the prop. I am pretty excited to start building and getting into some props and this one is perfect to start off the season. This will be a nice addition to the Grimlock Manor Graveyard this year which I am looking to really revamp.

I am building thicker more durable tombstones this year because the past two years the weather has not been favorable for us NJ Haunters. This past year we had winds of 40-50mph which did a lot of damage to my cemetery so I need to pay extra attention to the props I make and ensure that they can withstand a nuclear explosion! AKA..Wind and rain.

I am going to take a lot of video of the build tomorrow and should have shots of my finish prop for everyone to see so be sure to check back in tomorrow night for all of that.

In other news.....

I bought two new albums the other day for this years haunt.

The first is by the ever popular (and rightfully so) Nox Arcana with their 2010 CD "Theater of Illusion." It's a great CD that I already listened to a few times. The music invites you to enter the realm of magic and dark fantasy with melodies ranging from haunting piano & harpsichord to music box chimes and dramatic orchestrations.  It's a total of 67 minutes long and I highly suggest it. To read more about it or to buy it check out Nox Arcanas page HERE.

The second CD is from In A World and it is titled "Hallows' Eve, The Horror Vol. 2" At a little over 30 minutes In A Worlds Hallows' Eve CD provides a great selection of music ranging from Seance themed music, Dark Carnival and various dark soundscapes. I am particularly fond of the Funhouse tracks which remind me of Danny Elfmans Beetlejuice Tracks but I hate to really make that exact comparison because Danny Elfman is just amazing! For more on In A Worlds CD offerings check their site HERE.

Overall, both are great CD's to add to your collection or even if there are a few specific tracks you need you can head on over to iTunes to purchase just the few you really like. Either way check them out!

Well it's time to round up my supplies for tomorrows build so keep it scary frightners!!


PumpkinBrain said...

I own and love all Nox Arcana albums. Their music is bewitching. I didn't know about Hallows' Eve albums, I will have to check them out this evening. Thanks for sharing!

Grimlock Manor said...

No problem pumpkin brain! I love all the nox stuff to! I came across the Hallows Eve cd while searching nox stuff on itunes. Its a good cd, I dont enjoy it as much as nox but some of its tracks are good and they fit my dark carnival theme this year.

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