Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chivalry is Undead Series by Kira Shaimanova.

Hi Frightners!

Hope you guys like this post because I know I do! I've come to find that while writing this blog I am always keeping my eye out for cool and interesting content to post about other than my own haunt related stories but sometime it is hard to keep everything in the haunt/halloween/horror genre but I do find those gems sometimes like today!

Today I was reading the latest issue of CMYK MAG and they are presenting 100 works from some of today's most talented and emerging artists and to my delight I came across Kira Shaimanova. I was so impressed with her series "Chivarly is Undead" that I had to write about it on the blog.

Sculpted out of Clay, her "undead" characters are both disturbing and sweet at the same time. Each photo shows a zombie interacting with a human or animal. The scenes are fun and well set up and I think it is just amazing how much detail and life she brings to each of these little vignettes.

If you love these pictures and want to learn more about the Kira's process behind making her characters and shooting the photos than please mosey on over to her BLOG. She explains everything and seeing the creative process of any artist is always a real treat.

Enjoy the pics, get inspired and stay Frighful Frightners!


The Frog Queen said...

Wow, those are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


Grimlock Manor said...

NO problem! Glad you liked them. I thought they were really cool too!

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