Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alice, Madness Returns!

Hey all!

Video games these days are really starting to become more and more like playable movies with the addition of huge story lines, characters we can connect with and visual styles and worlds that are just exhilarating to look at and immerse yourself in.

I have always loved the Alice in Wonderland books and was a fan of Tim Burtons re-imagining of it for the movie and now we have the sequel to the first twisted game version of American McGees's Alice called "Alice in Madness."

In October os 2000 EA games released American McGees's Alice which was developed by Rogues Entertainment. The game featured a more cynical and macabre incarnation of Alice and it was one that I personally liked. The look of the characters and the environment was really creepy and I instantly (being a halloween and haunt fanatic) thought making a haunt that was a direct translation of the game would be so cool!

I have seen a few attempts at creating an Alice in wonderland style haunt and if I can find the videos of them I will follow up with another post but overall my point is even though this is a video game I think there is some great reference in it that can be translated into various scenes and settings into your haunt scenes.

The 2011 sequel "Alice in Madness" promises to be even better than the first game and the characters and world itself seems to be even creepier than the first so I highly suggest checking it out. To read more about the game check out EA's website for it HERE.

I think we are all looking for inspiration when building our haunts weather pro or home and I think it is always worth your while to keep an eye on the video game industry for inspiration. I mean we look to movies for inspiration but in today's gaming industry games have developed so much and there are so many more unique ideas to pull from now, cool character designs and visual designs that can easily translate into a haunt seen, prop or character that you create for your haunt. You don't have to be a gamer to find good haunt inspiration in a video game. Besides Alice in Madness which comes out this this June 14th I also suggest taking a peek at Bioshock, Deadspace & Silent Hill Homecoming for more haunt inspiration.

Always keep an open mind when your thinking of new designs for your haunt because you never know where you might find inspiration just like I did in video games. Check out the trailer of the first Alice game below and directly below that the trailer for the sequel.


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