Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zombie vs Baby!

Hey Frightners,

This is fitting for us soon to be or brand new parents out there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some cool toys!

Hey Frightners,

You know me and my toys! Here are a few new ones that are pretty cool and creepy that you should check out!

Anatomical Kewpie Dissection by Jason Freeny

Zukie World in a Bottle by Alison Perez

Zombuddies Koki by Ohiya

Tomenosuke Jumping Brains by Tomenosuke

All pretty cool if you ask me. I will definitely be getting a few of these. Make sure you check out the links for each as they all have some other pretty cool offerings on their site. Let the horror toy collection keep growing!

Stay Frightful!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Haunt Brief - Hauntcast

Hey Frightners!

Check out this episode of the Haunt Brief where the G-Host of Hauntcast (Chris Baker) is interviewed about the possible resurrection of Hauntcast and more.

Don't hesitate! If you want to bring back Hauntcast subscribe today!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ruadh DeLone

Hey Frightners!

While thumbing through some of my favorite sites looking for some inspiration for some prop projects for this years haunt I cam across these cool photographs by photographer Ruadh DeLone and wanted to share with you.

Ruadh DeLone is a photographer out of Rheden, Netherlands. He started out drawing as a child and then moved to photography in 2007. His work focuses on portraiture with a bit of surrealism. DeLone has quite a few series of works; one inspired by his inspiration from Dutch Baroque painter Johannes Vermeer, and another series entitled “Verg√§nglichkeiten” which I believe means ‘transiency.’ This series features figures with the face slightly obscured by plastic, and a ghostly image of skulls and bones overlaid on the face. Pretty cool and Freaky!

Stay Frightful~


Hey Frightners!

The movement to bring back Hauntcast is still on going and each and every day more and more vendors and haunters are stepping up to sweeten the pot if you do subscribe to the show. All of the discounts alone will well exceed the $100 subscription. As a home haunter myself these savings would be well worth it not to mention all of the raffle giveaways and now Hauntcast the Magazine! It's a no brainer!

After much discussion with Chris we have decided that if we reach our 250 subscribers and Hauntcast does go back on the air that we will also create Hauntcast The Magazine. The magazine would expand on the show, the shows segments and more. Instead of just hearing how to make all of those cool props on the show we would offer how-to tutorials with detailed instructions. Expanded interviews with pro and home haunters. Reviews on horror comics, books, video games and movies. An illustrated comic featuring skully and all his mishaps in the dungeon. The list for what we could do in the magazine could go on and on but it will only happen if you subscribe!

Just think. A yearly subscription to any of the other top haunt magazines out there might cost you $50 or more. A year subscription to Hauntcast will cost you $100 and you are getting 2 radio shows, a mountain of vendor discounts and a magazine.

Below is a quick synopsis of what's been going on once more and a list of all the cool stuff you will get with your subscription to Hauntcast.  Please spread the word, post to your blogs, vlogs, facebooks or anywhere else you may lurk across this vast interweb. You, the fans, can bring Hauntcast back!

Stay Scary!

Can Hauntcast be resurrected? Can you re-animate the Scream Team? There is a fan based movement underway to bring Hauntcast back from the nether-realm. This is the last and only chance for Hauntcast to live again. If 250 fans subscribe for $100 Hauntcast will be back on the air in April. That’s less than a movie ticket once a month. The haunt industries best vendors have stepped up to donate thousands of dollars worth of discounts as well as spooktacular prizes if 250 subscriptions are reached by 3/8/12. Check out these discounts and raffle items:

Subscribers will receive discounts from these great Vendors:

Juneau Studios ~
Save $50 of their DVDs. You pay $19.99, retail price $69.99.
Receive a $250 certificate for any order of $1150 and save 60% on freight orders.

( Jay Juneau is also now offering to raffle off his lizzie borden prop..this thing is freaking amazing and so is Jay Juneau!)

DC Props ~
15% off his amazing props and mechanisms *except sale items, not valid September and October.

Fright Theatre ~
15% off all product *except sale items, not valid September or October

Dark Imaginings ~
20% off our changing portraits, $75 off custom changing portraits, as well as other discounts on our other products and services (graphic design, web design, video effects, etc).

Mini Spot Light ~
15% off all lights

Necrotic Creations ~
15% off their entire productline

Monkey Basic ~
20% off all software

Vox Noctis Voiceovers ~
$50 off any custom made voice over.

Shellhawk Creations ~
15% her amazing hand-made pottery and FREE shipping.

DBGgraphix ~
50% OFF a logo or poster design for their haunts.

Ghosts of Olde Towne Petersburg will be starting up with the very first haunted walking tours on selected nights in April. Hauntcast fans can purchase 50% off admission tickets. That offer is good for the entire 2012 season.

Total Terror! Haunted Attraction – 50% off admission price by purchasing tickets online.

Hauntcast The Magazine ~
Free (at least two issues a year, maybe more)

If we reach our goal will will be raffling off prizes Such as:
DC Props – Spitter mechanism
Juneau Studios – (10) $70 DVDs
Fright Theatre – Prop
Mini Spot Lights – LED lights
Necrotic Creations – $100 cameo
Woodloam – $55 Celtic Tombstone
Terra – Handmade tombstone of choice
Vox Noctis – $100 dollar coupon
Dark Imaginings – $49.95 value 11×14 changing portrait. You can pick the portrait.If the 11×14 is too large for them then they can choose a smaller version (5×7 or 8×10). The winner will have to pay the shipping fee, though, which is $10.

and more to come. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hauntcast 2.0???

Check it out Frightners...You can bring Hauntcast back and here's how:


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tim Burton Valentine's Day Cards

Hey Frightners!

As a huge Tim Burton Fan myself I just got a news letter in the mail about this brand new set of Valentine's Day Cards. There are 12 cards that come in a pretty sweet gift box. I don't even know that I would give them out if I bought them haha!,but they are a pretty cool and if you have any Burton fans in your life I am sure they would appreciate one of these so check them out!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A New Home To Haunt!

Hi Frightners!

Well I hope I still have a few readers left haha! I know I have been so lax on posting but that's just because so much has been going on and I am doing my best juggling act right now.

My wife and I are 3 months away from having our first baby (AKA ToT!) We are very excited but it has been a mad dash to get things ready for our growing family and with a growing family came the concern for our need to have more space.

We currently rent the top floor of a 2 family home and have done so for the past 3 years. It has been great. We have great land lords, are in a nice area of town and are close to all of our needs however,  we don't own it and it's hard to do all of the Halloween projects I would love to do since I don't have my own workshop and can't really build anything to massive like I would like too. Space has been a growing concern and a lifestyle such as being a Haunter has started to look bleak.

As most of you know I have been haunting at my parents house for the past two years and though they get into the spirit and help with the process and do enjoy the end result I am starting to feel I have over stayed my welcome. It's tough when you need to store all of those props when it is all said and done and the weeks it takes to set up definitely makes it a bit difficult on them not to mention I need to pull back on all of my design ideas because not everything I would like to do are ideas that my parents feel comfortable with. Try telling someone whos house you are haunting at that you want to erect a 2 story facade in front of their house...ummm yeah they didn't go for that! Haha!

With my families growing needs and my will to continue haunting on a higher level we started the process of looking for our first home and I am happy to say that we just bought one! It was a long process as of course it wasn't easy and never seems to be but we picked a house that we really feel fits all of our needs (even the Halloween related ones!)

Above is our new home! Cute little place huh? Looks are deceiving though as this house has a lot of space and the perfect amount of room for all the projects I have in mind for Halloween. I know it's crazy to some when I keep pointing to Halloween as a selling point to a house but I kid you not when I asked our Agent to find me a home that I can haunt that was in a Halloween community.

We will be living in one of the biggest Halloween towns that I know of, Roselle Park. The town offers a town wide decorating competition for Halloween each year and almost every house gets involved especially those on both my block and the adjoining block of Bender Ave. which shuts down for a huge Halloween parade in which over 1,000 people attend each year fully dressed in costume. My kind of town!

With a nice front yard and a large two car deep garage I can already see visions of how Grimlock Manor will look in the near future. Maybe now I can build that facade I have always wanted and hopefully mine will be the home the trick or treaters dare each other to go to each and every year..mwuuuahahahahaaa!