Saturday, February 4, 2012

A New Home To Haunt!

Hi Frightners!

Well I hope I still have a few readers left haha! I know I have been so lax on posting but that's just because so much has been going on and I am doing my best juggling act right now.

My wife and I are 3 months away from having our first baby (AKA ToT!) We are very excited but it has been a mad dash to get things ready for our growing family and with a growing family came the concern for our need to have more space.

We currently rent the top floor of a 2 family home and have done so for the past 3 years. It has been great. We have great land lords, are in a nice area of town and are close to all of our needs however,  we don't own it and it's hard to do all of the Halloween projects I would love to do since I don't have my own workshop and can't really build anything to massive like I would like too. Space has been a growing concern and a lifestyle such as being a Haunter has started to look bleak.

As most of you know I have been haunting at my parents house for the past two years and though they get into the spirit and help with the process and do enjoy the end result I am starting to feel I have over stayed my welcome. It's tough when you need to store all of those props when it is all said and done and the weeks it takes to set up definitely makes it a bit difficult on them not to mention I need to pull back on all of my design ideas because not everything I would like to do are ideas that my parents feel comfortable with. Try telling someone whos house you are haunting at that you want to erect a 2 story facade in front of their house...ummm yeah they didn't go for that! Haha!

With my families growing needs and my will to continue haunting on a higher level we started the process of looking for our first home and I am happy to say that we just bought one! It was a long process as of course it wasn't easy and never seems to be but we picked a house that we really feel fits all of our needs (even the Halloween related ones!)

Above is our new home! Cute little place huh? Looks are deceiving though as this house has a lot of space and the perfect amount of room for all the projects I have in mind for Halloween. I know it's crazy to some when I keep pointing to Halloween as a selling point to a house but I kid you not when I asked our Agent to find me a home that I can haunt that was in a Halloween community.

We will be living in one of the biggest Halloween towns that I know of, Roselle Park. The town offers a town wide decorating competition for Halloween each year and almost every house gets involved especially those on both my block and the adjoining block of Bender Ave. which shuts down for a huge Halloween parade in which over 1,000 people attend each year fully dressed in costume. My kind of town!

With a nice front yard and a large two car deep garage I can already see visions of how Grimlock Manor will look in the near future. Maybe now I can build that facade I have always wanted and hopefully mine will be the home the trick or treaters dare each other to go to each and every year..mwuuuahahahahaaa!


The October boy said...

Congrats to you and your growing family. I can only imagine your excitement. And I hear when it come to homes with Halloween potential, I'm not even in the market for a new home, but I always think when I drive would that look lit up at night? Best of luck!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on that awesome house!!! (And don't you know that WE don't think you are weird for finding the perfect house to haunt?!? We would all do the same!!)

Grimlock Manor said...

Thanks October & Dawn! I know all my haunter friends totally understand my need for a haunt friendly home and area! I can't wait to get in there and see what's possible. I know we will have a nice cemetery set up in that front yard and I want to use that drive way and garage as a nice walkthrough for the Tots!

wicKED said...

Congrats on the new TOT and the new haunt! I know exactly what you mean about shopping around for real-estate with Halloween in mind. You are so lucky to have found both a good haunt location and a Halloween rich area..... 2012 is gonna be great for you!

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