Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Haunt

Hello Frightners.

It seems every time I write a post it starts with "man it's been awhile!" but that's the truth. Ive never been a faithful blogger but as I was thumbing through my blog posts yesterday I realized how fun it was to look back at all have done and seen and posted about Halloween and Haunting these past few years so I wanted to give a few new posts a whirl so lets see how it goes.

This year we had one of our best haunts to date. It is our third year living here in Roselle Park NJ and technically only our second year with an actual Halloween because super storm Sandy hit us our first year and ruined our Halloween.

This year I really had fun with our haunt as both my wife and daughter who is two and a half now both helped me in putting our display together.

We have been steering away from the traditional cemetery the past two years now and creating scarecrows, witch lamps and creepy trees to decorate the lawn with and I have to tell you I love creating the scarecrows! Each scarecrow ends up taking on its own unique personality with their creepy grins and unique burlap duds and there is just an over all presence about them that I love as do the tots and their parents.

Besides the scarecrows we created our first ever cauldron creep (credit to Devils Chariot the original CC creator.) The only different with our CC was that his head did not move, we opted to invest in a Fright Props talking skull and I am happy we did because it went over great with everyone. In the middle of our home made cornfield sat our CC stirring his cauldron while reciting "To Become A Werewolf" as read by Vincent Price. I have to say if your a haunter looking for an easy to use realistic looking talking skull the the Fright Props skull really delivers.

I will post pictures and video as soon as I can get around too it but here is a little collection below as taken by my sister in law on Halloween night,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloweens this year and I hope to resurrect this blog a little with some upcoming builds we have in store and a few daily banters.