Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Here!

Hi everyone!

Well the holidays are here. We didn't think we would put another post up until after the holidays but we have some time so we wanted to write and say hello.

It's amazing how fast these holidays come and go. Halloween seemed to just fly by and now tomorrow is Christmas then New Years and poof! we will be thinking about Halloween all over again (not that that ever stops.)

We have been trying to find ways to fill our halloween fixations over the past two months. Looking for new projects that we can work into our haunt, new props etc. The trade shows will be right around the corner so we are looking forward to going to a few and seeing what's new as well as saying hello to some friends we made this year.

Talk of next years haunt has been a quite issue since our meeting with the EMS but with the holidays upon us it will take some time, possibly mid January until we really know what direction we are going to go in. We feel that it is very possible the haunt may move to a new location for 2010 but nothing is confirmed as of yet. There are options on the table (nothing 100% solid) but they all pose some interesting possibilities as far as what we will be able to do and the type of show we will be able to have. We will also have a few new people on our creative team and some of our old reliables as well so I am interested in what everyone will bring to the table. So many people had great suggestions and really want to ramp up the show so that just tells us that years two show should be much more intense and fun!

All in all it's always hard work and you can never just cut to the chase and make something like this happen at the snap of your fingers so we just need to sit and wait but I have to say the options we did mention above really do have us excited because they all offer us the room to expand and make our show better and that is the ultimate goal. Again once we have more information to share with you we will share what the options we are speaking of are and what we are pursuing. We really want to make a top notch haunt. We know we put in a good effort for 09' so we aim to make 2010 ten times better and will definitely take the right amount of time needed to do that.

Hopefully in the next month or so we can share some real news with everyone and reveal some of our new projects for this year. Until then have a safe and fun holiday and we will be back soon with some new updates for you!

All the best,

The Grimlock Manor Crew~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season this year!

All the best,

The Grimlock Manor Crew~

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meetings Kick Off..

Happy Sunday everyone.

So I am happy to say that the meetings and brainstorming for Grimlock Manor Year 2 have kicked off. I can't say for sure yet what we plan on doing because there are a number of ideas floating out there but there is still plenty of potential in what can be done.

We learned a lot with our first year now in the books and we would like to improve upon the experience and make it better for everyone involved. It obviously takes a lot to run a haunt, promote it and create a show that everyone will enjoy so we will be taking our time this year to address the things that people suggested could be better about the experience and also add more to the show to prolong the experience and provide you with even more scares as we move forward.

As always we ask that those of you following our blog who have experienced year one of Grimlock Manor please feel free to give us your suggestions on what you would like to see as we continue to refine our show. Your suggestions and comments will continue to help us advance the show and make it better. If you are screaming in October then we will know that we did our job to your liking!

Please continue to check back in as we progress with our planning of Grimlock Manor year 2.

All the best,

The Grimlock Manor Crew~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pics and info!

Ahhh hello there!

Hope all has been well. We keep trying to extend the halloween season into December with more pictures to share of our characters from this years haunt but we know that can only last so long so please enjoy the newest pictures and now on to some news..

Talks have begun for next years event. There are a few ideas in mind but nothing solid as of yet. We are looking at some new suggested locations because we would like to expand our event. We really want to make Grimlock Manor a long running halloween event that you can count on year after year so if you attended this years attraction and read our blog please feel free to leave us some suggestions on what you would like to see in 2010. Our main focus thus far is the size and length of the event. We understand people would like a longer scarier event so we will without a doubt focus on that and aim to give you more corridors, more actors and bigger scares in the next installment of Grimlock Manor!

Tune in tomorrow as we should have a few updates for you and will expand upon this post. Until then, have a happily horrifying night!

The Grimlock Manor Crew~