Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meetings Kick Off..

Happy Sunday everyone.

So I am happy to say that the meetings and brainstorming for Grimlock Manor Year 2 have kicked off. I can't say for sure yet what we plan on doing because there are a number of ideas floating out there but there is still plenty of potential in what can be done.

We learned a lot with our first year now in the books and we would like to improve upon the experience and make it better for everyone involved. It obviously takes a lot to run a haunt, promote it and create a show that everyone will enjoy so we will be taking our time this year to address the things that people suggested could be better about the experience and also add more to the show to prolong the experience and provide you with even more scares as we move forward.

As always we ask that those of you following our blog who have experienced year one of Grimlock Manor please feel free to give us your suggestions on what you would like to see as we continue to refine our show. Your suggestions and comments will continue to help us advance the show and make it better. If you are screaming in October then we will know that we did our job to your liking!

Please continue to check back in as we progress with our planning of Grimlock Manor year 2.

All the best,

The Grimlock Manor Crew~


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