Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's Almost Halloween!

Hey Frightners!

Well man o man! It's been awhile since my last post. I've been so busy with work, my daughter Harper, and getting ready for Halloween that it has been hard to post to the blog lately so I apologize for that but I will have some posts coming to show progress on our set up for this year.

Again, this is out first year in our very own house so it has been exciting to finally decorate a place of our own and not an apartment or my parents house. It's been a little hard to get everything done that I would like because of course daddy duty has been kicking in and with a 6 month old to look after there isn't much free time to be had!

Below are some initial pictures of our Haunt so far. We still have more props and fine details to add and most stuff probably won't go out until the night before or day of Halloween like all of our animitronic props but at least is something to share with you! More pictures and our annual haunt video to come!

By the way Harper, our daughter, loves all the props and lights! She is a true haunter in the making!

Hope your set ups are going well and I can't wait till Halloween!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Madame Leota

Hey Frightners!

Boy it's been awhile and I seem to start each of my posts with that but the fact is little Mrs. Harper Rose is quite the handful so much so that I have been thinking of starting another blog just about her and my experiences as a first time father but then I really wouldn't have any time on my hands!

Well back to my post. As you can see by the title I'm talking about Madame Leota today. Not much of a new subject for me really since last halloween I focused on making my first every Madame Leota projection effect prop for my haunt and a majority of my posts featured my progress but I wanted to circle back to it since I have been having new ideas on making a new Madame Leota prop this year but something more of a decorative piece rather than the projected effect which I will still use this year in my bay window of my home.

Madame Leota and the Haunted Mansion are both near and dear to me as I am sure they are to most haunters out there. When telling our stories of how we came to love Halloween and haunting most of the haunters I know will say some of their first and fondest memories are of going to the Haunted Mansion, maybe we should start crediting Mr. Disney for being the first haunter ever and thank him for his contributions to our community...but that is a whole other post entirely so back to Madame Leota.

Madame Leota is such a classic and central figure to the Haunted Mansion. Her blinking tombstone is featured in the que line of the attraction and quite a few haunters have started to try to replicate it to add as an addition to their haunts, one in particular is a friend of mine Kristy of the home haunt Noble Manor. You can watch her progress on her video blogs AKA vlogs HERE.

Besides the Madame Leota tombstone we all know and adore Madame Leota herself in all of her floating head glory that is her magical crystal ball which is one of the most impressive scenes of the Haunted Mansion Ride. We all know the rhyme...."Creepies and Crawlies, toads in a pond, let their be music from regions beyond!" of course there is much more to that but you know it!

She is such an iconic figure and one prop us haunters either have created for ourselves or have on our to-do list and it is one for me that I decided to come back to again this year after seeing William Bezeks perfectly awesome Madame Leota piece seen below.

I stumbled upon Williams Blog while searching for Leota images to reference in a new art piece I am working on currently and I am throughly impressed by it. As you can read on on his blog much of his family worked at Disneyland as he grew up as a child so he spent countless hours at the park (lucky him!) his favorite ride becoming The Haunted Mansion an thus Madame Leota became a source of inspiration for him in his art.

I really love the detail in this piece from the glass dome which is hand blown glass from Germany to the   coloring of the hair and perfectly sculpted face of Leota. Unfortunately I came across this post two years two late as he did sell this and a smaller version on his Etsy site. I would have loved to buy one of them!

Williams work has greatly inspired my new Leota piece which I will have more on as progress takes off but I think this is a constant reminder how one iconic figure can become a source of inspiration for generations of artists and haunters alike. I myself doubt that I will ever get tired of creating props of Leota or anything from the Haunted Mansion for that matter.



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The haunting of Harper Rose!

Hi Frightners!!!

Soooooo!!! Please welcome our newest ToT and future home haunter Harper Rose DiOrio!

Harper was born on Mothers Day at 11:38am. Her wait funny enough was 6.66 haha! Pretty funny and perfect for a newborn haunter to be!

Both mother and baby are doing great and we are all coming home from the hospital today. It has been an amazing experience and continues to be each and every day and I so look forward to spending my every minute with her!

I have made some pretty cool halloween props in my lifetime thus far as a haunter but I have to say Harper is my greatest creation yet! She amazes me every moment and she just lights me up like a jack-o-lanter with such a glow that I swear I can brighten up the most darkest of rooms at night.

I am looking forward to getting her home today and showing her her room and all of her toys, books, and games. You can be sure one of her first stories will be Where the Whild Things Are followed by the Halloween Tree!

If your reading this post I am taking suggestions on her first Halloween Costume so please post your ideas below as I would love to hear them and look forward to sharing more news about Harper in the coming days!

Stay Frightful!

Frightguy AKA Grimlock~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

National Haunters Convention Pictures.

Hey Frightners!

Man I have been a HUGE slacker on this blog but I have my hands tied with the new house not to mention out newest little trick or treater  will be here any day now. As I type this I am actually off to the doctors with my wife, I am thinking out ToT might come sooner rather than later!

Anyways...last weekend was the National Haunters Convention. I was there manning the Hauntcast booth with friend and master graphic designer Johnny Cross. It was great to meet many new faces as well as getting to see so many friends. It's one of the things I love most about the convention season because I do not get to see many of you throughout the year but at the cons it is always like a haunters family reunion and that is pretty special.

I will be back with another post about the NHC itself but for now here are a few pictures so enjoy!