Sunday, March 13, 2011

Interactive Haunted House @ Transworld 2011

Hey all you frightners out there!

Quick update on Transworld. Mr Skeleton Demos was able to get a tour of the on sight interactive haunted house they created at Transworld. I think this was a great idea which allows you to see most of the vendors props from the show in action in an actual haunt setting so you really can tell how it could look in your own haunt. There was a lot of great stuff in the video. I personally like the Night Frights Ghost bust and their new ghost mirror which I wouldn't mind getting myself. I also liked the Pale Night Productions Boiler. So take a look for yourself and remember to check out Youtube for video from this years Transworld, there are already a ton posted featuring most of the vendors and there is some really great new stuff out on the market.


Johnny Thunder said...

The show was really amazing. I also really dug the Pale Night stuff - so kick-ass. My fav was the Leatherface-esq character one.

It was such a cool wekeend, not only hanging with the Hauntcast crew (and the Bates Motel dudees) but all the cool haunt stuff.

Grimlock Manor said...

Rub it in why dont ya! Haha! Thats great Johnny, I really want to make it out there one day soon. Hopefully next year will be the year I get to go. I hope the Hauntcast crew scared up some more listeners!

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