Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home Haunter DVD Collection!

Hello all!

I have been meaning to post about this since last week but haven't had much time lately so here we go!

The Home Haunter DVD Collection has graciously been compiled by Chris and Jeff Davis of the Davis Graveyard and is ready for sale! Please check out their post about it HERE and CLICK HERE to purchase it if your interested. The set is $25 for five packed DVD's of some of the best home haunts around! Grimlock Manor included!

If your a home haunter or simply love Halloween than this set is for you. It's countless hours of some truly amazing haunts from all over and it is sure to be a great set to own either for the pure fun of watching it, for inspiration for your haunt or even for some of the tutorials that may be featured on it for some props you may want to build in the future.

For anyone who does not know who Chris and Jeff Davis are, they are the wonderfully talented couple who put on one of the most amazing home haunts around The Davis Graveyard. Their attention to detail has won them numerous awards within the home haunt community along with numerous amounts of press and televised coverage of their haunt. Their prop building skills and techniques using foam and monster mudd have been taught to hundreds of people who use the same techniques in their home haunts today. To learn more about Chris & Jeff and their helpful crew of minions please check out their website HERE

Also if you live in or around Loisville, Ky and would like to meet Chris and Jeff and learn many of their prop building techniques along with a chance to go home with a complete cemetery of your own then make your way on over to HAUNTCON one of the largest Haunted Attraction Tradeshows around. Chris, Jeff and their minions will be teaching various classes at Hauntcon. You can learn how to make one of their signature Davis Graveyard Tombstones, a stack of books with a skull & candle prop or you can go for the all day class where they will teach you how to make over six different types of props for your very own cemetery! For more information please check it out HERE.

The Davis Graveyard was one of the first haunts I came across when I started really getting into haunting and began searching other haunts on the web. They have been an inspiration to me and many, many  other home haunters out there and I am sure if your not a home haunter yet and you check out their site you will quickly get inspired to try and make one of their many props for yourself and will certainly get the itch to start your own home haunt this Halloween season.

Many, many thanks to Chris, Jeff and their crew for all their hard work and constant contributions to our haunt community, they continue to inspire and create that drive for all of us to make the best home haunts we can.


The Frog Queen said...

Why thank you. That is so sweet. Man you actually make us sound pretty cool....if you only knew us in person :D

Really appreciate the mention. Thanks so much!


Dawn said...

Hehe, I posted something a lot like this post on my own blog today - I really hope they have plenty of orders for the videos!

Grimlock Manor said...

Chris, you are so welcome and you are pretty cool! I can't make Hauntcon this year but will be at the National Haunters Con. I hope to one day take one of your classes.

Dawn, I do hope there is a ton of orders. I can't wait to get mine and by the way..I love your Haunt Nickols Manor.

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