Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grave Grabber Prop Build.

Hey Frightners!

Well yesterday I went to my NJ/PA Make and Take groups build for a one armed grave grabber. It was a great build and fun prop to make. It was my first prop using a motor and it was a great learning experience. These deer motors that we used for the props are great little motors. They are very durable, weather proofed and inexpensive which make them great for use in a number of props.

If you have a make and take group and are looking for a new build to do or even if you yourself are looking for a new prop to build I do suggest this one.  If you have all the material (listed below) tools and knowhow this could easily take you no more than 5 hours to build. I had a lot of help by some very handy and talented people but if you have some skill you can surely do one of these in less than half a day.

I will post a parts list below if your interested and I hope you enjoy the video. Once this guy is fully detailed I will do another video so you can see but for now this is what he looks like fully working in his bare bones!

Grave Grabber Parts List:
1 Piece of scrap 2” X 8 ” wood at least 12” long -Base
1 Piece of scrap 2” X 4 wood at least 7” long -Arm Slider
1 Piece of 3/16” X 3’ round Steel rod (Lowes or HD) -Skull support, Skull Prongs, Pivot, Stop.
1 piece of Aluminum Flat 1/8” X ¾” X 4” long (8’ Makes 23 pcs) -Linkage 
1 Piece of Aluminum Flat 1/8” X ½” X 16” long (4’ makes 3 pcs) -Grabber arm
1 Piece of ½” “CPVC” at least 12” long (10’ makes 10 pcs ) -Grabber arm
1 White Bic Pen -Arm Guides
1 Foam Skull (Group Buy if Necessary? Most of us have one already) -Scaryness
1 Section of Pipe insulation 1” X 12”-14” (6’ length makes 6 pcs) -Shoulder
1-Roll Duct Tape (Most of us have it already, (Have?-Share?) -Fingers/hand
1 5' section of Heavy ceiling wire -Fabric Guards
1 Pkg Cotton balls (Only need a few, Most of us have already, share?) -Hand texture
1 Small tub Latex BlackCat has some -Hand texture
1 Can Black spray Paint (1 can probably paint 10 Grabbers. Buy Share?) -Camouflage
1 paint for your hands (personal preference, White, Grey, black, red? -Finish touch

1 Burlap, Netting, or whatever you want to dress her in (Jeff said he has a TON of burlap) -Finish touch
15- #10 Washers @ 4 cents each -Various applications
1- 5/16” Washer @ 5 cents -Motor arm Linkage
4 Thumbtacks or short roofing nails ` - Fabric Attach
1 ¼” nut -Extra Spacer for Pivot arm height
Parts List Continued: 

1 Deer Motor From Kindy's -Motion =$10.00

1 Piece of scrap Finish grade wood about 1” X 2 “ X 3” long. -Skull Pivot -Free
1 piece of 1/2” square steel tubing X 7” -Pivot Linkage =30 Cents
4 – 1 5/8 “ Deck screws @ 5 cents each -Motor mount & Arm Guides = 30 cents
4 - 2 1/2” deck screw @ 6 cents -Head pivot & Guide Block = 24 cents
1- 12” piece of thin Picture Hanging wire Head Movement = 03 cents
1 Section of Thin Ceiling hanger wire 6’ long (Have or Buy and Share?) -Make Hand
1- 6” 1/8” Auto-vac tubing Retainers = 15 cents
4 – Fence Staples-Free from My stock Secure 3/16” rod to wood = 00 cents
3- # 10-32 X 1 ½” @ 5 cents Linkage and Arm attach = 15 cents
3- #10-32 Lock nuts @ 5 cents Linkage and arm attach = 15 cents
2- # 7 X ½” Hex screws (Black) @ 5 cents Motor Mount = 10 cents
1- Small dab of automotive grease Arm Slider Lube = Free
1- Few drops sewing machine oil Linkage lube = Free


The October boy said...

Nicely done! Looks like a cool prop- think I may have to try one of those!

The Frog Queen said...

Nice prop. Looks like a lot of fun.


Grimlock Manor said...

Thank you! It was a fun build and I can't wait to dress him all up. Now I need to make a headstone for him!

Anonymous said...

Great job FG! Sorry I missed the M&T but looks like you guys got some really cool props going. Thanks for posting the parts list on your blog; much easier for me to double check my supply list. Mechanism seems smooth and flawless. Can't wait to see your finishing touches. Madmomma out!

Gary Swanson said...

Nice Work!!! I am interested in joining one of these Make and Take groups. Do you still have any contact or website info for any??? Philly area preferred. Thanks!!!

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