Monday, March 21, 2011

Duct Tape Body Form

Hey Frightners!

Ok...I have to say this next video makes me laugh with it's techno music and all but every video I looked up on this subject I thought was funny. The video is on how to make your own duct tape body form and I think it's a good thing to learn how to do for us home haunters especially if your building your own characters for your haunt.

The process seems pretty simple though it is time consuming but hey...what isn't time consuming when building a quality prop for your home haunt right?!

Now it seems all you will need an old shirt, Duct Tape, some scissors and some Great Stuff but I have seen people even do papier mache over the form when it was done which is also a good idea and alternative if you do not want to use great stuff. I suppose you could just stuff the form with old shirts or paper as well. If you really want to go nuts go check out FX Supply which supplies and expanding foam mixture which is two parts. You can get 2 pints of this mixture for $20, 2 Quarts for $36 and 2 Gallons for $130. Remember this stuff REALLY expands when it is activated so I doubt you will need more than the 2 quarts to do a torso mold but do not take my word for it because I have not tried this just yet but I will do so this year so expect that video down the line.

If anyone happens to make a form in the near future please do share but until then I hope you enjoy this video and hopefully it will spark the creative fire to get you to make your own full body or half body character prop....these could be great for groundbreakers! Add some liquid latex and paint and Ta-Da!


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