Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fright Radio!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my first "test drive" of Fright Radio! What is Fright Radio? Well every day I take the train to and from work to the city (New York City to be exact.) My time on the train is the time I take to catch up on my favorite blogs, watch my favorite Vlogs and simply get up to speed with the latest haunt industry news weather it's in the professional realm or home haunt realm. I don't always have the time at night to write a blog or do a vlog but I have a short amount of time from the moment I get off the train to my ride home in my car so I decided just tonight to do a quick recording on my phone. I figured I would take that time to talk about anything that stuck out to me and maybe highlight a few things that I think everyone should check out because you never know what you may be missing while your doing your daily surf through the net.

Fright Radio is totally non scripted and off the cuff. I'll try to focus on at least one or two specific things a day if I can and hopefully you will enjoy my quick rant and raves about everything Halloween related. Now please enjoy the first ever Fright Radio!!!!


Steves haunted yard said...

Nice dude loved it!

Grimlock Manor said...

Thanks steve! I def want to do more and have tge itch to try a full episode longer than five minutes.

Johnny Thunder said...

Cool! Good luck with it.

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