Monday, September 26, 2011

Black Baroque

Hey Frightners,

So I am an avid Etsy lurker if you didn't know? I love jumping on there to see what people are making and coming up with. There are so many great crafty people out there making some really cool stuff and I just wish I could buy it all but I do try to make a few purchases from time time especially around Halloween time because I love to get a few items that are unique to decorate with around the house and in the haunt and today I credit my wife for forwarding me a cool shop I wanted to share called Black Baroque.

Black Baroque is a unique shop that sells upcycled dictionary pages with some very interesting art prints printed right on them. Prints vary from anything such as Birds, Anatomy, Ocean Life, Curiosities and more! These prints would all go great with the right vintage style frames as they are displayed in on the site and they would be the perfect pieces of art to hang on your walls to start a conversation at your Halloween party, in one of your may haunted hallways of your haunt or simply as an all year round piece in your home.

Some of my favorites are the Edgar Allen Poe, Skull Pocket Watch and Underwood typewriter which my wife and I actually own and love!

I hope you will enjoy some of these and remember to take a stroll around Etsy every now and again for some great finds and unique pieces to add to your collection. Lets support our crafty friends!


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