Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keep those doors open!

Hey Frigtners!

Well October is drawing near and most of us haunters have begun to clear out our storage spaces of our halloween decorations and props in order to start decorating our homes for the Halloween Season but have you ever found yourself without enough hands to carrie those boxes up from the basement or down from the attic only to find that you need help to open your door so you can pass through?

Well fear not! The Neatoshop has just what you need in a pinch! Ouch! Yes something is pinched alright! It's that Zombie Door Stopper! Poor little guy got caught under the door and can't get out but lucky for you he is helping out by keeping that door jammed wide open so you can transport your props to and from their storage spaces with ease!

This little guy will not only be helpful to keep your doors open but he will be a nice subtle addition to your Halloween decor this year, one of your many hidden gems around the house that people will surely take notice of at your Halloween party so check him out as well as the other cool Zombie products at the Neatoshop.

Stay Frightful!


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