Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beetlejuice Remake or Sequel?

Hey Frightners!

Well my fellow haunt friends have you heard this news yet? A new or possibly re-booted Beetlejuice is in the works!

Warner Bros. is reportedly set to reboot the 1988 Tim Burton - Michael Keaton comedy Beetlejuice with the intention on advancing the storyline from the original.

Producer/Director/Writers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith will write two scripts for Warner Bros. They say they want to make big movies that are based on big ideas inspired by the comedies they grew up loving i.e. Beetlejuice.

Personally I am not sure what to think about this. Most of todays movies are sequels or reboots of originals and not many are original ideas. I can't say I am totally against this because there are plenty of reboots I have seen and looked forward to as well as sequels but it all depends on what their intentions are for Beetlejuice.

In the first place I don't see how you can cast someone new to play Beetlejuice. Michael Keaton was the ghost with the most and anyone else wouldn't be the same and I don't think there is any arguing that. A re-boot would just seem to be silly but a sequel I can feel a little better about as there are other sequels in the works that I am excited about like Ghostbusters.

I think this will be a touchy subject with fans of the original but until more details are made clear I will reserve some extra critical judgment on this one. All I will say is that there are certain classics that should remain just that...classic. We shouldn't go re-envisioning something that was perfect just the way it was however, if original cast members and even potential directors can capture that same movie magic and progress the storyline with a sequel that us hardcore fans can come to appreciate then I am all for it.


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