Saturday, September 24, 2011

Asylum Laser Tag!! Zombie Fest!

Hey Frightners!

Well it's almost October and already the the Pro-Haunts and various Halloween related events are beginning to open up all around the globe and I myself cannot wait to make my way out to a few new haunts this year!

I try my best every year to experience a few new places if time and money permits it because as much as I love to be the one scaring people it's always fun to get scared as well not to mention that I get to see some really cool set ups and jot down some ideas after seeing what some of the pro haunts out there come up with.

This year I have my eye set on a few new places I have never been one of which is right here in NYC and it is called ASYLUM LASER TAG. This is not like any laser tag. At Asylum Laser Tag the outfit you with a real semi-automatic paintball gun modified to play laser tag. You have the real weight of a gun with the rapid fire power to kill some zombies!

At Asylum Laser Tag you can compete against other players in various scenerios or try to make it out alive by shooting as many zombies as you can in Zombie Fest!

There seem to be a lot of these types of laser tag and paintball zombie shoot'em ups popping up all over this year and I think it would be a fun and new experience to try out so be sure to check your area for ones like Asylum Laser Tag as I have seen a few different place located in various states across the US.'s time to go GET SOME! and kill me some Zombies!!! Grrrrr...


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