Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mini Minion Face Close Ups.

Hi Frightners!

Just some updates from the haunt for ya. Yesterday I got back to tinkering with my twisted toybox. We cut the aluminum to create the arm that raises and closes the lid, drilled the holes needed to attach it to the motor and all that is left to do is install the motor and attach the arm to the lid and hopefully it works! I'm aiming at finishing that up today that way all I need to do to it is paint and add the graphics. That will be a big check mark off my list.

I think I will say this each and every time I talk about the progress of putting the haunt together but WOW, I can't believe how fast Halloween creeps up on us. There are only 49 days left and though that still seems like plenty of time those days just count down in a flash.

Today I am going to be going to check out and see if our local Spirit Halloween Stores are open or not. There are a few that seem to be popping up in our area and I know that some have open with some limited inventory for now until they begin to fill out their stores as the month goes by.

I'm a bit spoiled because there are two Halloween stores I frequent in NYC so I have access to props and costumes almost all year around if I need my Halloween fix but having the Spirit stores close by to home is always nice. They do have a few clown props this year that I think I may invest in for the Carnival of Souls but that is still TBD at this point. Here is one of my favorites Honky The Clown!

Anyhoo! So I'll leave this post with a few pictures of the the mini minion. He is almost done, his face is basically all corpsed up the way I like it and only the vaseline marbles need to be added for his eyes. I will be grabbing the rest of the supplies I need to create his cage today and will get some update pictures of him once he is all closed in. I am hoping to create another one of these if I have the time because I think two is always better than one but there is still so much more left to do!


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