Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Halloween Mix To Die For!

Hi Frightners!

So lately I have been listening to a lot of various mix tapes by different DJ. These tapes usually mash up different songs together in interesting ways and I started to wonder is maybe there was a DJ out there that actually did a DJ mixtape mash-up of Halloween Songs and low and behold I found one by the name of DJ Cab.

DJ Cab has created a 2 hour long mix tape for Halloween called the Halloween Mix To Die For! It's a fun mix of both classic Halloween songs like Thriller, Monster Mash, and other various Horror movie theme songs mixed in with some of todays best dance music.

It's a fun mix and it's something different from the norm. What I like best is it's a great mix that you can put on at your Halloween party and it's a free download from MIXCRATE.COM You can listen to and stream it direct from the website or sign up for a free membership to mixcrate and download it right to your computer.

So if your looking for something a little different this Halloween check out DJ CAB's Halloween Mix for a Horrificly Good Time!


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