Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Magic Stone Productions Halloween Documentary

Hey Frightners!

Well I have been working away on the haunt this past labor day weekend. It was the perfect long weekend to get things going in the right direction and start to make sense of all the plans I have had written down in my haunt journal for the last few months.

I got more work done on my freak props for the freak show I am having this year as part of Grimlock Manor's Carnival of Souls. I am currently still pressing ahead with my midget clown prop. I began to frame out his body, I added PVC support to it, gave him a neck and began to sand down his face to get ready for primer and paint. The battery that makes the propeller on his hat spin is now installed into his head and everything really seems to coming together nicely for him. I think he is still a week or two away from completion but I am excited with how he has been coming along.

The second freak which also is underway is "The Sandman." The idea came from fellow haunter friend Mark AKA 4rekiller.  My main objective with the freaks were to make 3 interesting ones that didn't lack in details but I didn't want them to be entirely labor intensive either. Mark suggested doing a sandman prop and that idea clicked right away...I'd make a duct tape torso add a mache head and hands (which I had from a previous years prop) and then make him look as if he was rising from a pile of sand. It's a pretty easy build and though it's not complete just yet I think the effect will be pretty interesting!

There is still plenty to be done and I am sure it will come down to the wire but I feel good about this years haunt and to add to the excitement I got some good news today!

A few weeks back I applied to be a part of a haunt documentary that is being produced by Magic Stone Productions. The film itself is for NBC Universal and they have been casting for their show for the past month now. The show which you can read more about HERE, is aimed at the world of the Home Haunter. It's an inside look at how we prepare, plan, build and create our haunts and ready them for the Halloween season and to my surprise I was called to be a part of the show!

I personally love every documentary or show that is geared towards Halloween but have always thirsted to see more about the Home Haunters of the world. I think Fearnet did the best behind the scenes when they did their feature Route 666 The Scariest Home Haunts but it's been awhile since we have seen anything like that and now I have the chance to be a part of this new documentary by Magic Stone and am really looking forward to it!

Taping is set to start mid September but beyond that I do not have much to share and am just learning the details as I go so keep and eye out and an ear open for more updates.

I also want to quickly congratulate Joiseygal of Bloodcrest Manor and Tishanne who is the gracious host of the NJ/PA/NY Halloween Make & Take group as I have recently heard they both have been asked to take part in the show as well.

It should be an interesting experience and I look forward to doing the Home Haunt Community proud!


BloodcrestManor said...

I am looking forward to experiencing this Halloween documentary with both of my fellow haunters and friends. I was very nervous about it, but now I feel more comfortable knowing that I'm in good hands! Congrats! :)

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