Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twisted Toybox - In Motion!

Hey Frightners!

So as promised the twisted toy box (minus paint) is complete! Today I finished up installing the motor into the box to make the lid open and close and I am pretty excited at the outcome.

Though it is a simple up and down motion of the lid it is still always cool to add any kind of motion to a home made prop and I tell you... once you do one prop that has some motion you won't want to stop! Every prop you build from that point on you will start asking yourself if you can add some kind of motion to it! Lol!

My haunt has always had a focus on static props and relied more on actor scares rather than animatronics but seeing how this year we will be more of a display only haunt I wanted to try to add subtle motion to most every prop so my guests will have a little something more to grab their attention.

This twisted toy box was a very simple and inexpensive build and if you are looking to make your first animated prop than I would highly suggest this build for any beginner. I cut some corners in order to move this build along and will most likely go back and re-do this prop in the off season to make it more durable but for my purposes this year I am happy with this.

The cost to build this prop is probably no more than $40 but it could be less depending on what you have lying around. The motor which you can purchase from is $10, the wood will cost you around $20 or less depending on what kind you get, I suggest something lightweight. The aluminum  is only $2-3 and then there is your various screws, washers, and kotter pins that you may need.

You can easily put one of these boxes together in a day with all the supplies at the ready and once it has been assembled there are unlimited effects you can do with the box. You can hook up a motion sensor so it only activates when someone passes by or you can add a fog machine on the inside with some lighting or maybe even some pre-recorded monster sounds. Just use your imagination but all in all it's a simple and rewarding build.

I am currently working on the graphics to complete the overall look of the box. It should look like a toybox in the end, a twisted toybox! An evil clown face will be on the front panel followed by alphabet letters on the other panels and there will be a hanging clowns head on the interior of the box so when the lid lifts up you can see the clown looking out at you.

I will be posting one last post on the toybox once it is fully complete and hope you have enjoyed this video. If you happen to make your own twisted toybox please let us know and feel free to share.

Stay Frightful!


Mr. Macabre said...

Looks really good! The clown peeking through will be wonderfully creepy!

Kori Girl said...

This is wonderful! What kind of motor did you use for this? The link you posted is no longer available. It seems like a simple project, but I've never messed with animatronics of any kind before. Thanks in advance!

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