Saturday, September 17, 2011

What a great day for a ride!

Hey Frightners!

So today I decided to venture out for a ride around town and make some stops along the way looking for Halloween treasure!

No, that's not me you see in the car above! Haha! That is my new buddy Steve. I picked up Steve at Walgreens today. I felt bad seeing him hang there needing a home and obviously some food since he looked so skinny so after bribing the cashier with $30 I took Steve home to be among others like himself.

Steve is from Pitini Enterprises I believe. Even if he isn't you can check out Pitini in the future to find the same style skeletons for $30 a piece. I think they have run out of them for the year but you can still get their catalog and sift through their products which in my opinion are pretty good and very affordable.

Walgreens actually had a great supply of Halloween items this year. There were a few animated props, hanging decorations and your run of the mill tombstones but the skeletons were the best.

The skeleton itself is very lightweight plastic. It is nowhere near a bucky quality but obviously at $30 we aren't to expect that. The limbs move easily as does the jaw which is a nice feature and the overall size is about 5ft so if your in the market for a lifesize skeleton on a home haunters budget then run to your local Walgreens and get yourself your own Steve today!

My good buddy Steve is going to be featured as my Rotton Candy attendant this year at Grimlock Manor Carnival of Souls. We are going to do a variation on the cauldron creep which there is a video of below however, our Rotton Candy Creep..AKA Steve will have the Rotton Candy container closer to his waist and set on top of a table. The stirrer will only be arms length , made of PVC and attached to a deer motor which you can purchase at for $9.99. Overall this change in design saves me a little cash but still gives me the cool effect of Steve stirring the Rotton Candy pot.

The Rotton Candy Attendant prop should get started some time this coming week. I don't forsee it taking us to long to complete but the actual detailing may take just a little time as we want to add some light up eyes from Hauntbots which we already have and then we need to stain Steve to give him some color and get him clothed up!

To cap off this post today I also went to AC Moore and Halloween City. AC Moore has all of their Halloween products fully out and on display now and the best thing I saw there was that they were carrying Funkins which are those carvable foam pumpkins. I have never seen these in person but they do look quite real so we bought one to try it out and if it works out nicely my wife and I will buy a few more for the haunt this year.

Halloween City which is someone just like Spirit had a few nice props and scene setters. I didn't see anything that really caught my eye except for these oversized foam skull heads with light up eyes that were pretty neat but otherwise we left there empty handed. They were also carrying the Pitini Skeletons but their price was $50 which I expected from a Halloween store. I may go back for one oversized skull but for now it can wait.

So back to the prop builds for me. Halloween is gaining up on us and will be here as soon as we know it! Check back in soon for more prop build updates!

Stay Frightful!

A quick look at Cauldron Creep by the good folks of The Haunt at Hellizondo!


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