Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hexbug Nano!

Hey Frightners!

So I was watching my Saturday morning cartoons...haha! I just have to laugh because at 31 yrs old I am still watching my cartoons but as I stated many times before I love my cartoons! They make me smile and forget the constant rigors of daily life but I digress...

The reason I point out the cartoon watching is because most of the commercials during cartoons are for toys and games and one new toy that is coming out that really struck me as the perfect Halloween prop for your haunt was Hexbug Nano which can be found on the Hexbug website

What I liked so much about these little guys is how realistic they moved like little scattering was both cool and gross! Now there brightly covered bodies would not work for a haunted house setting as they would look like the toys that they are however, with a touch of paint these could very well look like the real thing scampering along the flood, a bookshelf, or anywhere else you can imagine.

At about $5 a piece I doubt we will be buying large quantities to make a massive invasion of bugs running around our floors but a handful of these jumping around in a jar or display in a mad scientist lab set up or simply in a cabinet of curiosity might be cool so check out the video below and be sure to go to the website to see more and purchase your own Hexbug Nano to creep your friends out this Halloween season!


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