Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mini Minion Final

Hey Frightners,

So last night we took a peek at my Madame Leota prop and tonight I would like to share with you one of my favorite prop builds of this year the Mini Minion.

When I set out to create the Mini Minion I knew I wanted to sculpt something and use some various corpsing techniques but I wanted to do it on a smaller scale, I had also wanted to create a wire armature that I could twist and bend so that I could shape a dramatic pose for my tiny creature and as soon as I knew it the Mini Minion was born!

This was a great learning prop for me because I have been wanting to get more into the world of sculpting and using armatures and this prop lent it self perfectly to that. I was happy with the overall look of the Minion in the end but now that Halloween is over I want to re-work some of his finishing details as well as add more detail to the cage he is held in.

Before I get to his pictures from the haunt I wanted to post some quick links to his entire process from start to finish just in case you missed any of the posts here on the blog so please feel free to go back and look at how he came to be:


With this build under my belt I want to add at least two more of these guys to next years haunt which was my intent this year but time didn't allow it. It should be fun to make him some ghoulish companions in crime so keep an eye out for a Mini Minion Part 2 build coming soon!

So without further adieu here is the final Mini Minion from this year. Hope you enjoy him!


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