Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mini Minion Update.

Hi Frightners!

Well most of today I have been hunkered down inside due to "Hurricane Irene." I put it in quotes because thus far it hasn't been much more than some hard rain here in Jersey though right now the wind is picking up slightly. I suppose if it is going to get worse then it will happen more over night and into tomorrow but all in all it has forced me to work on my props for this years haunt and that isn't a bad thing!

I have been paying some attention to the mini minion today and began the cotton ball and latex application to his body but before that I used some sculpy to add some fleshy features to his body. I also added a few ribs and a sternum to him as well to help bulk him out a bit.

In this first picture you can see his body, now more bulked out from the sculpy, cotton balls and latex.

In the next two shots I decided to begin to give him a slight mummified look and began to wrap him with some cheese cloth. I brushed on a light coating of Elmers in certain spots to help keep the cheese cloth attached but I wanted most of it to be soft to the touch.

His head used to be pretty clean but I also applied some cotton balls and lated to it as well to give him some fleshy patched which I will end up painting when dry. I will probably use a light color stain to go over the skull with and may even try adding a stocking to the skull first then applying the stain over top and gently rubbing certain areas of it with my thumb to create holes in the stocking. I have used this technique on large bucky skeletons before with great results. It looks like skins ripping away from the bone.

Next up are some little clawed hands and feet which I will make out of sculpy. The stumps of the hands and feet on the minion are still just the metal of the armature so once I sculpt the hands and feet I can first slide them over the armature to make small holes in the sculpts then bake them. The idea here is that I will be able to put on and remove the hands and feet and if I want to make various other sets in different poses I can and they will be interchangeable.

Once he is painted and all his parts are in place the last step will be to add his eyes which again are vaseline marbles which glow under a blacklight. I also believe the cheese cloth will give off a nice glow as well. When he is fully complete the it will be time to cage him in and detail the cage itself.

I'd like to make at least one more of these guys for my freakshow but we will see what time will allow with so many other projects still to be done. I did want to try to add some motion to my next minion and make his head spin like the exorcist but we will see.

More to come soon!

Stay Frightful!


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