Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dionsaur Vs. School Children!

Hey Frightners!

So last night I was introduced to a new video website WIMP.COM. While on I watched a video called Dinosaur VS School children and really was amazed by the detail of this Dinosaur costume and thought it would be cool to share with all of you.

This screen captured video above doesn't do the costume any justice so please be sue to visit the link to watch the full video. This really struck me as a great costume for any haunt out there and in the right setting with the right lighting I am sure you would scare the crap out of someone! I'm also sure the costume costed a pretty penny too but it would be fun to see a home haunter out there try to replicate this one day.'s a fun video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Stay Frightful!

P.S....after some quick research I found that the costume came from the live stage show WALKING WITH DINOSAURS. I remembered this being advertised in NYC awhile back and now wish I would have gone to see it. Maybe it will be back around again in the future but you can at least check out the cool website which features footage about the show.


Marrow said...


Why are these children not crying uncontrollably? Looks terrifying. I wonder how many kids to a big silicone tail to the face.

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