Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poe Bust & Mausoleum.

Hey Frightners,

Just taking a break between props to look at some haunt videos on Youtube and came across this great projection prop of an Edgar Allen Poe Bust set into a very cool Mausoleum that yo just have to see!

Projection effects have really been gaining steam over the past two years and more and more people are learning how to both create them and put them to use in their haunts and I really think that is great because it just adds another dimension to a haunt and with the right set up it can be a great focal piece that will make all your tot's and visitors stop and stare in wonderment! This year I am attempting my first Madame Leota projection effect in a seaunce room I am building in my haunt so I am excited to see the reaction it gets, if good I will try more projection effects in the future.

The Youtube channel where you can find this effect plus a video of the Mausoleum being built is listed HERE. Please check it out, there is some great stuff there and if you have done a projection effect or know of any other neat ones you have seen please feel free to share!


Grim Ghost said...

Glad you survived the storm ok.

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