Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ghoulishly Delightful Music!

Hey Frightners!

I'm about to start my propapalooza build a-thon this weekend and was looking for some new music to download and listen to and at the suggestion of a friend of mine I downloaded a free compilation CD by a DJ named "Girl Talk" Now this is a mash up CD full various songs mixed together to form new one hence the "mash up" the songs featured are both rock, metal, hip-hop and various oldschool rap and they all come together nicely but what really sold me on downloading the CD (though it was FREE!) was that the album cover had a skeleton on it haha! Of course it all comes back to my Halloween roots!

So if your looking for some new music, like rap, hip-hop, rock and metal than try out GIRL TALK for free and if anything just enjoy the skeleton art cover haha!

In other new album news...I just got my copy of Midnight Syndicates Carnival Arcane CD and have fully listened to it front to back a few time so far and really like it! I think this has to be one of my favorite CD's of their thus far and of course it fits my carnival haunt perfectly!  I already used one of their tracks titled "Mesonoxian Visitors" in my first audio teaser clips for my haunt this season which you can preview in the post below this one.

Every year I send out small audio clips leading up to my haunts opening which give my guests a narrated  progression of the storyline of my haunt. I feel it helps to tie everything together and make one cohesive experience so when they arrive to the party or as I call it "The Show" they feel like they are entering the world that I have been building through the audio clips they have been listening too. All the characters that are in the audio clips are ones they will meet when they arrive and of course "The Show" reflects what's been going on in the audio clips so for example this year I am doing the carnival and the first clip (belows post) is the carnival coming to town. My character "Mr. Adderhat" is talking to the pit boss of the show telling him to get everyone ready to set up the show which in reality is exactly what I am in the process of doing..getting ready for Halloween!

Overall it's just another layer of my haunt that I enjoy doing, I love setting the stage for everyone who is going to come and see what I have created for this year and it helps bring them into my little world even more. It's like reading a book that you love and finally seeing that book being made into a movie. You have always had images of what the characters and the settings in the book look like and finally you get to see it all come to life.

So now it's off to build freak cages and more! I will be back either late Sunday or Monday with some picture posts of my build progress and hopefully there is a lot to share with you because it will make me feel goo to have completed a lot this weekend seeing how the days are flying by!

Stay Frightful!


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