Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prop Updates.

Hey Frightners!

These last few weeks I've been busy trying to speed along the progress of my new props for this year. I've got a few updates.

The first is my little demented clown prop. I have been slowly sculpting this little guy with paper mache and paper clay and finally am at a point where I've added on his ears, placed in his teeth and am almost ready to sand him down and removed any of the roughness from the paper clay as well as fill in any little small gaps he has. Once all the sanding is complete (maybe this weekend) I'll start on his paint and finalize plans for his body structure which is being made from canvas and polyfiber stuffing. He is going to have super long arms and will be swinging from his freak show cage. I also have a small battery powered motor that I am going to use to make the propeller in his hat spin on it's own. I'm looking forward to seeing him done!

Next, I have been collecting tons of paper towel and toilet rolls to use for stems on various mache pumpkins I have been making but I also started fooling around with making candles with them as well! This is based off the same PVC candle technique most haunters use where by you drip glue gun wax around the sides to simulate a candle drip, fill the tube with either insulation foam or in my case paper and then add a flicker tea light to the top. I haven't fully painted these yet but you get pretty close to the same effect as you would the PVC. Thought these are less durable than he PVC and I wouldn't leave them outside especially in the rain they do work great as indoor candles.

Finally...(though I have a bagillion props still to do!) I am working on a dead fairy prop for my cabinet of curiosity. I have seen quite a few versions of these that use little plastic skeletons that have wings fashioned to them and are corpsed so I figured I would try my hand at doing one as well. I bought a cheap strand of plastic skeletons at the dollar store and a clear plastic jar. I have some rocks to place at the bottom and will add some moss and twigs eventually too but I think this little guy is going to be an easy and nice addition to the cabinet!

SOOoooo...thats what I have going on. I will start decorating my haunt the beginning of September which is the earliest I have ever started putting it up but I intend on giving it my best effort this year.

I do still have plenty to build such as the freak show cages, a madame leota effect (after seeing the demo done by Shellhawk and Mr Chicken on BlogTV I had to give one a try!) and I do have a few other freaks to create for my freakshow so it's still quite the checklist but I know I can do it!

I hope you are all finding success with your prop builds and haunt plans. More to come soon!



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