Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spider Web Balloons!

Hey Frightners!

Ok, well I was only going to post once tonight but I think this is worth getting up here now! Tonight I came across a cool post on how to create a Spider Web Balloon and it looks really REALLY COOL!

There are a few steps to this process and I have to admit I haven't yet tried this application yet myself but I will most certainly be giving it a whirl because based off the picture it is a really cool technique!

Check out the process HERE!!! to see how it is all done and if you do happen to give this a try or you come up with a neat alternative please leave it in the comments and let us all know how you did.


The Frog Queen said...

I have tried it and it is really creepy....took me a while to do it right, but it cool. Of course, I had to give it away as soon as possible....looked too much like real spiders for me :D

Thanks for sharing!


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