Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bluckys On My Mind!

Hey Frightners!

Happy Sunday! It's a beautiful day here in NJ and I am eager to get outside and stretch my legs for a bit because they are feeling a bit creeky like a skeletons which makes me think about the 2 Blucky Skeletons I have sitting in my truck right now.

Last week I went to Spirit Halloween on it's last day and found everything to be %50 off! I immediately felt like a kid in a candy store as I began to rummage through what was left in the large New York City based Spirit store.

Many things caught my eye but then I came across the Blucky Skeletons. Now I know a few readers of my blog may not now what a Blucky Skeleton is but its those inexpensive blow molded skeletons you seem to find in about every store during Halloween. They usually are around $20 and are a nice way to add a full sized prop at a budget price to your cemetery scene for Halloween. Heres a picture of one right below..

Now as funny as it seems I have never purchased a Blucky. I know, I know..shame on me. It seems like a prop that every home haunters should have in their arsenal but I always sat their while in the store saying to myself "do I really want one of these?" "They look pretty cheesy.." But the fact is Blucky's really are versatile if you give them a chance so this time while I was in Spirit Halloween with %50 off signs spinning in my eyes I told myself how could I pass on two Blucky Skeletons when I am basically getting one for free so I grabbed them up and headed home with them!

For Halloween 2012 I really want to add some standing props in the graveyard. I have only ever had my Caretaker, his boney dog pal and a large Grim Reaper but in 2012 I would love to have some corpsed skeletons that appear to be walking towards the tot's with their arms outstretched and these Bluckys give me the perfect opportunity to do that.

I have begun to check online for various props that have been made from Bluckys along with corpsing techniques and even motorized applications that have been added to them and to my surprise (though I shouldn't really be surprised at this point) I found quite a few good sources three of which I would like to share with you.

The first source is from They provide a nice tutorial on how they corpse their Blucky Skeletons. Here is a quick list from their site of what they use for the process..

The tutorial on the site is very detailed as they break down each body part and how they treat it with the materials. They provide just around 15 pictures of the process so you can see what each step looks like and they end result looks pretty darn good. It's just one take on how you can take this inexpensive prop and elevate it to new scary heights.

The second source is from the website I really like this website and there is actually quite a few great Halloween How To's on it if you do some quick searches. This particular tutorial was for how to corpse a Blucky and again it gave a nice step by step break down with some great pictures, three of which you can see below..

The last site really reminded me about what I said originally about these Blucky's being a versatile budget prop. The website is and they show you how to add simple Animation to your Blucky by using some simple and inexpensive servos from They used these servos to add slight head movements to three distressed prisoners in a dungeon scene which you can see below. I think they came out great and it goes to show you what a little ingenuity can do.

I am not 100% sure what the future of my two Blucky's will be but a complete overhall of them seems to be on the horizon. So to sum this post up I guess I can say the moral of the story is don't leave a good Blucky behind because they can provide a real scare to your haunt this upcoming Halloween season if a little TLC is given to them.


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