Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!

Hey Frightners!

Tis the season for haunt savings fa lalalala la la la laaaaaa! Just a heads up that Black Friday is here and that doesn't just mean  crazy savings on home electronics and more at your local stores but it also means some nice savings on Halloween goods from some top vendors in the business.

Prices on top quality props, motors and effects usually inflate the closer we move towards Halloween but after Halloween has come and gone a lot of vendors are looking to push overstock items out the door to make room for new inventory so you have to keep your eyes peeled on their websites for some great deal.  Sometimes those prop controllers, 3 Axis skulls or even the little extra detail props that would look good in your cabinet of curiosity all go on sale for bargain prices that are even sometimes less than what we would normally see them being at a haunt trade show so start looking around on your favorite haunt vendors websites to see what (if any) deals you may be able to score.  Even if a percent off has not been listed prices may still be slashed a bit.

Here are a few of my favorite vendors to frequent that do have a few deals going on so take a look and get a head start on next years haunt while the getting is good!!

• Monsterguts
• Frightprops

~ Frightguy


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