Sunday, November 20, 2011

Madame Leota Prop Focus.

Hey Frightners!

So I decided to break down my haunt video for 2011 and start some prop focus videos. I will be posting picture slide shows of some of my favorite new props from this year, how they came to be and the process of them coming together.

The first is my Madame Leota spirit ball. This was the hit of the show this year and really was a last minute decision but one that I am happy I did. I have seen this prop created and have watched videos of various set ups with it on youtube but never thought of doing my own until I watched a how-to by Mr. Chicken and Shellhawk to favorite haunters of mine! They did a great step by step and gave me the confidence that I could do one of my own and well below is the proof that it can be done!

I found this to be a fun first step into the world of projection effects and one that I am eager to continue on with next year. I highly suggest to anyone who hasn't tried doing one of these to take a stab at it. It is instantly gratifying and really effective. People just seemed to gravitate to this and really loved it which I am glad they did so please enjoy the video below and if you have any questions  or comments please post them and don't forget to watch the full Grimlock Manor 2011 haunt video right below this post.

More prop focus videos coming in the following day. Next up is the Mini Minion which was one of my most favorite build this year!

Stay Frightful!


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