Saturday, November 5, 2011

Submit Your Videos!!

Hey Frightners!

Well even though Halloween has now officially come and gone I am still re-living every moment of it as I currently sift through all of my videos and pictures of our set up for Grimlock Manor this year.

It's about that time to create my haunt video for this year which has become a common practice among haunters as a means of sharing with each other and showing off our displays. You can often find these videos on youtube by searching for "Home Haunts" or even "Haunted House's" or you can head to forums such as or to see videos and or pictures of haunts from all across the nation.

Not only do our videos and pictures become our own personal diaries but they are also used to enter many of the online contest that are provided to us haunters in which some of the most respected and well know haunters both pro and home vote on them and crown winners in categories such as Home Haunt of the Year, Best Static Prop, Best Video Production and Propmaster awards just to name a few.

These awards offer us a chance to have our hard work viewed by everyone in our haunt community and it is simply amazing just to be able to view all the time and effort that goes into everyone's haunts and their efforts to produce a video that best features their creative master pieces for that year.

Two of the most notable contests that run every year are the Home Haunt of the Year contest provided by the Home Haunters Association. They award 3 top prizes which offer great prize packages for it's winners. All you need to do is sign up for free on their website and register your haunt then submit your video or pictures for the judging process. The videos and pictures of all the entries are placed on the website for everyone to view which is a nice bonus and provide hours of viewing fun.

The second is the Haunters Video Awards. They award prizes for 11 categories and also create a DVD Set for all it's entries. I purchased the set last year and it was amazing! It was 5 discs full of home haunt videos from all over. It's just great to sit back with some popcorn and experience what everyone created and it's always inspiring and gives me that continued drive to push the limits and experiment with new ideas for my haunt each and every year.

All in all, even when Halloween is over our community keeps up the Halloween spirit and shows it's support with fun contest's such as these which makes being a Home Haunter that much more special. If you have a home haunt and have never participated in either of these contest please take the time to go to their websites and watch all the past entries and hopefully be inspired to participate this year. If anything it is a fun way to share your love for Halloween with everyone else. Also don't forget to check out the Halloween forums I listed above. They often provide their own stand alone contests and even produce DVD Sets for their registered members as well.

Now it's time to get back to work on my video for 2011. I am looking forward to sharing it with you Frightners and hope to see your pictures and videos soon! If you have any pictures and videos of this years or past years haunts that you would like to share with me or other readers of this Blog please post links in the comments section for this post as it would be great to see what you have all done!

Stay Frightful!


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