Friday, November 11, 2011

Back To Elaines!

Hey Frightners!

So this weekend the wife and I are head back to Elaines Bed & Breakfast in Cape May. As per the book "Cape May Haunts." Elaine's is considered one of the more haunted locations in Cape May. Cape May itself has a very haunted past and most of the Bed and Breakfast's, Hotels and other various landmarks all have their very own chilling tales but having experienced a number of head scratching event's while on past stays at Elaine's I tend to believe there is something paranormal going on there.

Being a haunter I consider Cape May a great spot to travel to in NJ for haunt inspiration. The victorian era homes, the old cobblestone pathways and storefronts and village atmosphere conjures up many spooky images in my mind not to mention the many Ghost Hunting excursions they offer. Even Elaine's has their very own Haunted Mansion Dinner experience which I have attended. They put on a great show which is full of special effects, animatronics and live actors. It's a lively or in this case spirited experience!

I'm looking forward to another stay at Elaine's and Cape May and will post about my adventure as soon as we get back. Until then stay frightful!


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