Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Have a Video!!!

Hey Frightners!

Well the wait is over, we have our first official video for Grimlock Manor 2011! We really have been procrastinating for way to long so we finally sat down tonight to edit this together. I think I would have liked to have given some more time to the editing but seeing how I am off to a wedding tomorrow and will be away for most of the weekend and the fact that I am aiming to enter into the 2011 Home Haunt of the Year contest who's deadline is November 20th at 12PM EST I figured lets just get it done!

I am pretty happy with what we did this year for the haunt and for the video. We had a ton of pictures and video to sift through which is kind of the reason why I have been putting doing the video aside...I just didn't want to go through it all cut, splice, and add music but in the end it's not too bad. A lot didn't make it in..we actually had an entire carnival section  which we haven't shown here but next week we will do a full picture slide show video of everything because we have build pictures, day time pictures, and night time pictures. I would also like to do a few focus videos on some of our props alone such as the Mini Minion & Madame Leota.

I think there is plenty that we looked at this year and said we could have done better or we could have done certain things differently but overall I liked the variety of what we had. Next year I want to tidy some things up and I am looking to add more projection effects (maybe a quartet of singing busts?) I am also setting forth to build my first ever 3 axis skull but I won't be alone in my venture as my good friend Ghoulishcop from the Devils Eve blog will be joining me as we both build a 3 axis skull together. I have never really had a "Haunt Greeter" so that will be my intention with this and I am really looking forward to it!

Well I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, leave comments and I will do my best to answer. I hope you enjoy Grimlock Manor 2011 and I am looking forward to 2012!!

Stay Frightful!!


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