Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank you for the shout outs!

Hey Frightners,

I just quickly wanted to thank a few bloggers for their shout outs recently. Us haunters are a tight knit community and it's nice to know we all continue to try and help each other out and spread awareness of one others haunts and all that we each have going on.

 Please take a peep at the following blogs below.

Scary Visions
The House Of Marrow
Devils Eve

Each of them has really helped me with my blog in the past few months and they each have some great blogs of their own that as a haunter you wouldn't want to miss!

Just a bit about each -

Scary Visions is a blog written by a true haunt fanatic. Scary Visions covers most everything about the Home and Pro Haunt industry as well as doing some great interviews with haunters and also providing coverage for RFR Radio while producing some great videos from all the various Halloween Conventions especially Transworld on his YouTube Channel.

The House Of Marrow is a blog written by one of our younger yet very experienced haunters named Marrow. We recently did an interview with Marrow in our Deadtime Stories series which you can find here on our blog. Marrow details all of his props and builds on his blog Marrow House. He has some pretty cool stuff in the works!

Devils Eve is a blog written by a personal friend of mine Ghoulish Cop. I met GC while attending the NJ/PA Make and Take Group and I must say he is a talented guy! Ghoulish as I will call him is a true Home Haunter. He shares the same love and interest in home haunting that I do in the way that we just cannot get enough and are always looking to try out all the techniques we see other haunters posting about. He provides great details and pictures about all the props he is building on his Blog while also providing cool insight on the home haunt world.

I hope you will check these blogs out and show your support for them and I look to highlight other blogs soon as there are so many that I love and follow daily. I find inspiration in each and hope you will too!



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