Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tom Devlin - 1313FX

Hey Frightners,

Welllllll....I'm still here and if your reading this I guess the end of days hasn't come yet as perdicted..silly rabbits, tricks are for kids! Now back to our regularly scheduled program!

So my haunt season is in full swing. I have started my first big prop (the twisted toybox) and I am steadily working away on it and other projects for this years carnival haunt. At the same time I have been looking around at some vendor sites for new props that will fit my theme. Now of course I build a lot of what is in my haunt myself but I am always interested in adding to my prop collection! This is why I love going to conventions as well as watching the videos that everyone posts from all the Halloween Tradeshows because not only will vendors inspire ideas but sometimes you find some gems among them and some really cool props for an affordable price and of course being a home haunter as you all know we like when buying a prop won't break our bank accounts!

So this brings me to Time Devlins company 1313FX. Now unless your living under a rock you probably have watched or at least heard of the SYFY Channels reality competition show FaceOff. If not then shame on you! JK. But if you haven't seen or heard of it then I seriously suggest checking it out. Like with any reality contest show there is a group of contestants pitted against each other in various challenges that are presented to them with one winner winning it all at the end. In the case of FaceOff the contestants are some of the best in the special fx makeup industry, many of which have their own companies already or have some credits to their name in some familiar films. All had their own unique talents and skill sets and they all produced some pretty amazing pieces of work. One contest in particular that I really enjoyed watching was Tom Devlin.

Tom won the Iconic Horror Villain Challenge with his custom character "Teddy Told Me Too!" He was an awesome character and now Tom is offering up the mask that he made for this character (which is awesome!) on his companies website 1313FX.

While watching the show I kept saying to myself "I wonder if these contestants know about the Halloween Industry" I thought if any of them actually made their products and offered them up to the haunters of the world for sale they would probably do pretty well for themselves and low and behold that is exactly what Tom is now doing.

I learned about 1313FX from watching some of the West Coast Haunters Convention videos on Youtube and then saw that the Bloodshed Brothers did a Vlog showing off one of the masks that bought from 1313FX.

The cool thing about these masks was not only how nice and detailed they were but also how affordable they were. Each mask was only $20! Now these aren't full pull over masks, they only cover the front of your face but simply add a wig or a hat or your own flare to them and you've got a really nice start to a costume. Considering that most masks you will buy in a Halloween superstore during october will cost you $30 or more I would definitely consider purchasing one of these first without question.

So to wrap up, definitely do your homework when considering buying any prop for your haunt. I suggest watching the tradeshow videos, take note of the vendors and explore their sites because there are some gems to be found out there that are affordable on a home haunters budget, Tom Devlins 1313FX is and pure example of that and I myself look forward to adding some of his works to my collection.


PeanutGnome said...

And if you want something a little extra special, and have a few more $$, silicone masks are only $99! Silicone moves more naturally than latex and if you are working where customers can see your face closeup for a longer time, it's the way to go.

Marrow said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for introducing me to this great company. I'm sure to buy one of these some time...

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