Sunday, May 8, 2011

National Haunters Convention Pictures

Hey Frightners,

So I am slowly but surely getting through all my NHC pictures and videos. I think this weeks posts might exclusively be all about the NHC since I have so much stuff on it! I will do a video review of it since I think it will be easier than trying to write about it all but below are a few pictures and a quick recap of my day at the show.

SO...overall I liked the show. Now I didn't go to the haunt tours, take any seminars or go to the costume ball so I cannot really give you any insight on those (shame on me) but I did walk the floor a fair amount and got to see all the vendors and talk to most of them.

Just to back track a little bit, I have gone to the NHC once before back in 2009 so it's been a few years but it was nice because I was able to see that the show has grown some since then and there are a few prominent vendors who were attending this year which was nice to see.

Not to leave any vendors out because I think everyone there had some great stuff but I liked seeing FrightpropsDream Scape Studios and Scare Products. I have bought products from each of them in the past and they all had a nice balance of items for sale ranging from $25 and up. It is always great to meet the people who work for these companies and talk to them about their products and see it all in person. I can't tell you how many times I've bought stuff and then got it in the mail and it falls short of my expectations but when you get to see an item up close at a convention and hear every little detail about it from the people who make it it's definitely reassuring that your money will be well spent and if not well then you know who to track down haha! Just kidding of course!

This show was different for me than the one I attended in 2009. 2009 is when I really got serious as a haunter and was working with a charity to create a one of a kind haunt open to the public in my neck of the woods. I didn't know many people in the industry then and was a bit more focused on the pro side of haunting but these days I am focused on home haunting only and have found the home haunt community to be such an inviting and friendly community. Everyone I have meet through Hauntforum, this blog, and various Haunt Vlogs have been very helpful and supportive. It truly is a great community to be a part of and this year I was fortunate enough to meet up with a lot of you at the NHC. It was great sharing some laughs together and talking about our haunts and if I took anything away from this convention it was that going to the cons aren't all about the products that you can buy and inspiration that you can pull for your haunt but its also about the connections you can make and friendships you can build with people who share the same enthusiasm for one of the best holidays around...Halloween! For this reason alone this con was a great one to be at.

So to wrap this up, below are a few pictures I got from the NHC of a few things that sparked my interest. I did walk away with a lot of good ideas for my haunt this year and hope to start sharing those ideas soon. It's going to be prop building madness very soon as I am a one man band with a lot of work ahead of me!

I hope you enjoy the pics and I will have a video of the NHC put together soon and more specific review of the vendors I met with at the show for you.

Stay Frightful!



Johnny Thunder said...

Great pics (except for me) and wrap up! Again, cool meeting you. Take it easy.

ColeSlaw said...


Hey Cool write up, looking forwards to more of them. And thanks for posting pics of me!! "The Confined" [wheel chair floor walking dude]

The Frog Queen said...

Very cool, wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing!! Awesome pics!


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