Monday, May 23, 2011

American Science Surplus.

Hi Frightners!

Two posts in one night Woo Hoo!!

Well the other night I was on Blogtv watching dEdmonton from dEdmontonTV host his first every show (It was a great show by the way!) and we were talking about budgets and if any of us had actual budgets or allowances each year and that got me to thinking about budget props or great website you can go on to buy some really cool stuff for your haunt at prices that won't break the bank and American Science & Surplus came to mind.

Last year I was looking for some inexpensive motors or motors that I can run off of simple batteries you can buy at any ol' store and after putting some posts up on various Halloween related forums I was given a lead to Once I went to the site I was instantly hooked! Not only did they have all sorts of motors but they had all different kinds of science toys, kits, cool tools and goodies that could be put to a haunters use for a number of things. I mean do you need stuff that glows in the dark? They got it! Are you going on a trip to Europe and need a wall socket converter? They got it! Do you need an inflatable life size Torso with LED lighting? WHO DOESN'T!!! THEY GOT IT!!! It's a truly amazing site with cool little things that with a little imagination can be put to a million and one uses.

As a  home haunter haunter this has become one of my favorite sites to check out from time to time and I highly suggest you give it a whirl too! I actually just invested in the life sized LED Torsos...I mean who doesn't need those for their haunt?!!!


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