Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Messer Chups

Hey Frightners!

Well first let me say Happy Memorial Day Weekend. It looks to be a hot and sunny one here in NJ so I hope everyone else is enjoying some nice weather.

Before I get to my post for today I want to quickly say that something seems to be up with blogger? For whatever reason I can no longer see my Grimlock Manor Fans/Followers in the menu bar to the right. It seems to be a problem that I see on most of the other blogs I am following as well. I do hope that this is a problem that will be resolved shortly, I know it's nothing I did but if anyone who reads my blog know how to fix that please leave me a comment in this post. Hopefully you all haven't left me! =(

Well back to our regularly scheduled program! So today I wanted to write about a band I came across last week who are called the Messer Chups. They are an Indie Band, I can't really pin point the type of music they play which I am sure has a name but its that Surf Guitar Wipe Out kind of music. There are no lyrics just simply guitar, bass and drum. When you listen to them you simply want to be sipping a My-Tie in while lounging at a Tiki Bar overlooking the beach while the surfers ride the waves haha! It's that cool!

They have a lot of great videos on Youtube and there are plenty of albums of Theirs on iTunes for you to download. They have even done a cover of Tales from The Crypt called "Tremolo From The Crypt" which is pretty good!

I've posted two of their videos below for you to enjoy. I recently reached out to the bass player whom you can also find on Facebook, her name is Svetlana Zombierella. She was super cool and instantly wrote me back. I asked if they were playing any shows in NYC but she said none are scheduled currently so I guess I will just have to wait to see them live but I may look into trying to get an interview with her for my Deadtime Stories series seeing how she loves Halloween!

Well enjoy the videos below, I hope you like them and will enjoy a nice fruity My-Tie while listening to them on this beautiful memorial day weekend. Now back to building them props!


GhoulishCop said...

It's a recurring problem I've found with Blogger. The first thing they recommend you try is to clear your cache (didn't work with me). It then recommends you fill out a form detailing the problem:

Completing the form hasn't helped me, but at least they're aware of it. Maybe.

They also ask if you have popup blocks on, firewalls, etc. I know I didn't change any of my settings, but perhaps you did. If you find out, let me know!


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