Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love'n Me Some Tshirt Bordello!

Hey Frightners!

During the National Haunters Convention I got to meet a lot of cool new vendors I never heard of before one of which was TSHIRTBORDELLO. These guys had some really cool T-Shirts and swag that I think you Frightners would really like! One item in particular that I was debating on getting and didn't but still ended up purchasing online was the Zombie Targets! This was a real cool set of 3 individual Zombie Targets each 18x24 in size. These would be super cool to shoot with your Red Rider BB Gun or simply as wall art in your home or office. Mine will be hanging in my office shortly but for now take a peek at one of them below.

I actually went and bought another set tonight and am thinking of running a contest with them live on one of my next Blogtv episodes speaking of which!!!...

Check me out live tomorrow on BLOGTV at 8PM EST!  I will be on for a few hours talking about Halloween and Haunting as always. I will also be giving some design tips on how to make your very own spookily aged photo using basic house hold items as well as various graphics programs and we will be discussing the first ever Blogtv Make and Take! So get your butts on over to Blogtv with Frightguy of Grimlock Manor tomorrow at 8PM! I hope to see all you Frightners there!


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