Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New additions.

Hey Frightners.

So yesterday I stopped at Lowes & Home Goods on my way home from work just to walk around and see what was new and I ended up picking up some new additions for the haunt this year.

I am sure most of you have heard of Lowes the home improvement store but if you haven't heard of Home Goods it's a great store for various haunt odds and ends. You never know what you might find in Home Goods. They have all sorts of antique like items that will fit right in to your haunt. I have bought trunks there before, various statues and even lanterns. Just cool stuff!

In my quick walkthrough the other day I happen to come across this interesting stone head of a man covered in fo-moss. It looked perfect for the graveyard and at $30 I decided to grab it. I think I will create a small column for him and place him on top. With some up lighting it should become a cool new focal piece in the graveyard this year.

Next I stopped in at Lowes which is right next door to Home Goods. I didn't really need anything but was interested to go take a look at their lighting and happen to find that they had these new outdoor LED flicker lights that were solar powered. They were pretty cool. They had them in a tiki torch style and also in a classic lantern style. I really loved the way the lantern looked and thought that it was a perfect since it needed no wiring whatsoever. You could also place batteries in these in case you didn't want to rely on the solar power function. I have added a little video clip of the torches below so you can see how hey work but I can imagine that these could have a number of good uses in a haunt.

After a long weekend of haunt goodness at the National Haunters Convention where I got a bazillion ideas I am now ready to get to back to work on my haunt with a renewed enthusiasm! I have a lot to think out and plan since I am doing two separate shows at my haunt this year (Classic Cemetery and Carnival) but I am glad I was able to make two good purchases that I think will add a lot to the haunt. More to come soon!


Dawn (Nickols Manor/Wacky Whimsy) said...

Ah-HAH! Home Goods - never thought of trolling there for Haunt goodies, but that is a FABULOUS idea! I love Mossy Dude!

Grimlock Manor said...

Yes, Mossy Dude is now one of my new Favs haha! Lookig forward to building his pillar and a name plate!

The October boy said...

Looks like it was a good day. Nice find, that bust is great. Haunters must keep there eyes open all year round!

Johnny Thunder said...

Agreed, I dig Moss Man. Nice find and that is a great store.

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