Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogtv and Troll Hunter Review

Hey Frightners!

So on Friday night on tried out BlogTv. Head on over to to see what it's all about. Essentially it is a live video chat with with someone. You can only see them, they can't see you but there is a chatroom screen that they (the host) can read all of your comments and reply to them. The people in the chatroom and of course chat with one another as well.

I have watched a few of these from other haunters so far (The Bloodshed Brothers, Halloween Hellmouth & Dionicia) They  have all been fun and are a great way for all of us to connect in real time and just have a good time talking about Haunting and all sorts of fun stuff! I highly encourage it, it's free and its fun!

So here is a little video about my first Blogtv and my quick review of Troll Hunter as promised!


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