Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blog TV Episode 3 in the books.

Hey Frightners!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who stopped by tonight to participate in Episode 3 of Blog TV or what I will dub as Fright TV!

It was great to see you all there and get to catch up with everyone once again. I had to wrap up a little earlier than usual to get some rest for work tomorrow but I think we still all had a great time as usual. If you happen to miss this episode than do not worry as we will be back again soon!

One thing that came up again was the interest in seeing some of my past work on the haunt so tonight I am going to start with some progress pictures of the wall panels we did. We had 7 rooms in our haunt and over 40+ 4 x 6FT wall panels to fill the entire space. The panels below were part of our main foyer. We build the frame using 2x4's and then each side was covered with 2" foam board. In these specific panels we detailed the base to look like wood by using a hot pen to etch in the details. We then painted the base brown and added a black wash  to pick up the details. The top half of the panels were then detailed with wall paper that we bought at Lowes. We then added some trim to separate the wall paper and the fo-wood base. Finally we painted the wallpaper to make it look moldy and dirty.

Take a peek at the pictures below to see the steps of building the foyer wall panels. I will slowly add more pictures of the other panels we build, our pillars and the concept and creation of our icon characters. I think this will all help lead everyone to where Grimlock Manor is now and it's evolving storyline for this year. The prop building has already begun and excitement is high!!

Enjoy the pictures and please feel free to leave comments or feedback! You can click on the pictures to enlarge them and see the details better.



GhoulishCop said...

Looking forward to seeing more pics! I think last night's BlogTV showed why it might be a little difficult to do a Make & Take though. Seems keeping haunters in line is like trying to herd cats with a broom. But I think it's worth a try! Maybe with a specific purpose everyone will be on their best behavior. Yeah right!


Marrow said...

Wow! Amazing panels! I will be needing walls for my haunt this year but I am sure they will look nowhere near as good as these! Great job!

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