Monday, June 27, 2011

The Six Creepiest Places on Earth!

Hey Frightners!

So while poking around the internet for some of the newest fright news I came across this article on the 6 creepiest places on earth over on You can read the article HERE but one place I wanted to point out was the one rated number 6 Isla de las Munecas.

I heard of the island of dolls on the season 3 episode of Destination Truth called Island of Dolls/Lusca. Josh Gates and his crew head out to Mexico City in the last of the old Aztec canals, there lies Isla de las Munecas which is overrun by thousands of haunted dolls. The episode is one of the better ones in which they find a lot of cool things pointing to the island being haunted but I suppose any remote island that is full of creepy old dolls would scary the bejesus out of me!

The legend goes that  small girl drowned in the canals near the island and not long after her death the one and only inhabitant of the island Don Julian Santa Berrera found the girls doll floating in the water. Soon after that he began collecting dolls and hanging them all over the island so the ghost of the girl would have them to play with....creepy!

Apparently Julian passed away in 2001 by drowning in the same canal as the girl he was trying to appease all those years which freaks me out but some think it may have been the dolls who drove him to do it...we will never know.

All in all it's a weird story but only one of the six creepiest listed on the cracked article so make sure you check it out. The next time you see a doll room in the haunt you will never think about it the same I am sure!


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