Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clown Mache - More Progress

Hey Frightners!

Well I'm giving it my best efforts so far to keep the push on and go full steam ahead working on my props for this year. One of my main goals was to complete a full bodied midget circus clown to be one of my center pieces this year. With all the great mache pieces I have seen over the last few years I really wanted to challenge myself to make a really nice piece and so far I have been happy with my little clown guy and he has indeed proven to be a challenge for me.

I have done fairly simple mache projects before but with this prop I really wanted to do my best to sculpt the piece using various paper cutouts and mache techniques. I'm close to being able to just focus on the details and that is where it should start to really get fun and take shape.

Tonight is night three of my forward progress. I now have built up forehead because before he had none. I have also gone and added a tongue on the inside of his mouth. I played with the idea of having the tongue hanging out of his mouth but my wife and I decided to keep the tongue where it is for now and add the teeth, if it looks as if it will be cooler with the tongue hanging out I could still go in and do that.

I have sculpted the teeth with sculpy and did the same to make the ears. In one of the pictures below you can see me holding up the ears to his head, I think they really make him look so much more interesting don't you? As I write this I am actually baking the ears and hope to have them and the teeth in place by tomorrow night though I may not have time to work on him the remainder of the this week so it might not get done till this weekend.

Overall, I just want to continue to share my progress with you Frightners! He still has a long way to go and I find it best not to rush a prop just for the sake of having something done. If I can give any advice on prop making it's this...take your time! You will feel so much better having taken your time to complete something the way you had envisioned it. It's better to have one amazing prop then ten so-so ones right?!

Well enjoy these pictures. I hope to have more progress pictures by the weekend. I also have my first mache pumpkin almost fully mached and my twisted toy box is close to completion so I am feeling good! I hope everyones props are coming along and if your reading and you haven't started on any yet then what are you waiting for!! Get to it!!

Stay Frightful!


The Frog Queen said...

Coming along nicely. I love the photo of the ears in the oven. That is classic haunter!!


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