Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clown Mache update.

Hey Frightners!

So I stopped putting it off and finally got back to working on my mini clown prop. This is one of the most involved mache projects I have done yet and there is still a lot of work to do.

When I last left off with this guy I only had half a face fleshed out but today I added a full mouth. I molded the top half and bottom half of the mouth & jaw out of poster board. I used masking tape to shape the mouth the way I wanted it and once I had it all in place how I liked I added mache over top.

I still have at least one more round of mache to do on the mouthand then I am going to work on extending the forehead since he really doesn't have one right now. I also want to bulk out the chin more since it is a bit to sharp right now.

Eventually once the forehead and mouth are fully fleshed out and mached I will use paper clay to add in all the detail like lips, ridges in the forehead etc. I have the teeth all sculpted out of sculpy already and the ears are sculpted as well. Still a lot to be done but I'm happy to have gotten back to work on this guy. I even took some time to work on a mache pumpkin..lets hope it gets done too haha!

Time to really start pushing to get some props complete and checked off the list. Lots to do and time sure does go by fast!


The Frog Queen said...

Very cool! I have a goal for next year - going to learn mache...finally.


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